Guitar Recital
    Fernando SOR (1778-1839): Grand Solo
  1. Introduction
  2. Allegro
  3. Agustin BARROS (1885-1944): La Catedral
  4. Preludio
  5. Andante religioso
  6. Allegro solemne
  7. Mikhail VYSOTSKIY (1791-1837):
  8. Variations on Russian Folk Song “Spinner”
  9. Sergey OREHOV (1935-1998):
  10. Arrangement of the Old Russian Romans “Doze weeping willows”
  11. Carlo DOMENICONI (b. 1947): Koyunbaba
  12. Moderato
  13. Mosso
  14. Cantabile
  15. Presto
  16. Leo BROUWER (b. 1939): El Decameron negro
  17. El arpa del guerrero (The harp of the Warrior)
  18. La huida de los amantes (The Flight of the Loves)
  19. Balada de la doncella enamorada (The Ballad of the Love-Sick Maiden)
  20. Francisco TARREGA (1852-1909):
  21. Variations on Carnival of Venice





«Russian Fantasy»

Aynur Begutov

Russian seven-string guitar


Andrei Sychra (1773-1851) *

1.      Theme and Variations on the theme of Bellini from the opera «Norma»         

Vasilii Sarenko  (1814-1881)   

2.      Fantaisie sur la Romance Favourite Bivalo, Bivalo (It Was, It Was,)              

du Comte M.Wielhorsky


Peter Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)

3.      October from «The Season»(transcribed Aynur Begutov)                              

Mikhail Vysotsky (1791-1837)

4.      Theme and Variations on the Russian folk song «Oh, Mother Dear, I have a headache»  

5.      Theme and Variations on the Russian folk song «I love a pear of garden»     

6.      Russian melody                                                                                                  

Matvei Pavlov-Azancheev (1888-1963) 

7.      Procession of the Zulus                                                                                      

8.      Waltz «Snowflake» from the ballet  «To meet the Sun»                                     

Sergei Orehov (1935-1998)

 9.      Arrangement Romance «Chrysanthemums»                                                       

Sergei  Rudnev (b. 1955) *

 10.   Arrangement  Romance «Under charming caress your»                                

Konstantin Vassiliev (b. 1970) *

11.  Volynka                                                                                                               

Alexei Agibalov (b. 1940)



Sergei Rudnev. "Under your charming caress"
A. Agibalov. "Klen ty moy opavshiy"
Sergey OREHOV “Doze weeping willows”