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Aynur Begutov

Honoured Artist of the Republic of Daghestan

Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan

Laureate of international competitions

The classical and russian seven string guitar player,

renaissance lute player



"...Creative portrait of this extraordinary musician is defined by boundless love to his instrument, outstanding technique, reverence towards the sound, insight into artistic essence of the musical compositions he performs, depth and precision of his interpretation. He possesses a wide repertoire, which includes works of composers of different historical ages and styles, from the lute compositions of Renaissance to musical compositions written in modern musical language. These qualities of his as a performer in conjunction with his expertise made him a reputation of the first class guitar player of the nation wide statue."

Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation

Prof. of the Russian Music Academy N.A. Komoljatov



“…Aynur amazed our audience by his performance art and refined nature. His technique is impeccable. Not every famous musician can boast such deep understanding of the style of music.

     Aynur Beguton is expressly academical. He does not allow himself to flirt with the audience. This kind of strictness shows not only in his on stage behavior but also in his play. Ultimate technical accuracy isn’t reflected in expressiveness and emotional tension of the performance. Internal temperament of the guitar player is felt only in his play, not in movements of torso or mimic.

     For some reason we are used to inviting lovers of the piano music to a piano music concert and lovers of the guitar music to a guitar music concert. Perhaps this is wrong. Music remains the most beautiful of arts regardless of an instrument. The crucial thing is the personality of the musician, his cultural upbringing, his professionalism, his devotion to arts and spiritual perfection. All these qualities abide in Aynur Begutov”.


The Honored Art Worker, holder of an order of Friendship,

Art Director of Buryatia State Philharmonic V.A.Usovich 


Sergey OREHOV “Doze weeping willows”
Sergei Rudnev. "Under your charming caress"
A. Agibalov. "Klen ty moy opavshiy"